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As the case for any country, there must be heritage and traditional sports that are passed down from a generation to the next and each country preserve and maintain at any cost.


The distinct and constant Thoroughbred Racing Camels is one of that traditional and heritage sport, practiced by our forefathers and ancestors in the United Arab Emirates and other Arabian peninsula countries.


 Camel racing enjoyed and still enjoys the patronage of the rulers of the country and a great interest among the UAE citizens. Camel racing is considered to be a very popular activity among UAE community members.


Camel racing has taken place in the UAE for thousands of years and is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history, this fact, leads to create the consolidation of the Arab tradition in the hearts of our children, and develops the sense of belonging among them and to engage with the heritage and environment, enabling them penetrate into the modern life and they have equipped and armed with experience and awareness to cope with the future requirements.


So, in order to rooting this traditional game and preserve the camel races. The sport of camel racing has spread and stretch in most of the United Arab Emirates, even the small villages and the rural desert areas, there are over fifteen camel racing tracks spread around the UAE, located on the outskirts of the cities.


The sport of camel racing has also begun to have considerable interest and importance in a number of European countries, where successful races were organized and sponsored by the UAE Camel Racing Federation during the last two decades in both Germany and Australia. The success of those races motivated and encouraged us to think of granting this original Arabian heritage sport the international and universal placement.


Camel Racing an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition that has come to define Dubai in the modern world, and today Dubai is one of the most distinguished cities arranges Camel races, so, the establishment of Camel Racing Club, like a dream come true, to preserve and maintain such popular and heritage tradition sport, so a fully integrated vision has been taken into consideration, and one more thing, we established the “Dubai Camel Racing Club “to develop and safeguard this popular game, from achievements authentication, looking after the camels, provide camel trainers with the   medical care and best training to gain higher levels of professionalism.


We also work hard to expand the scope of camel racing sport to go beyond the locality, and to upgrade it, and make this popular sport so efficient to a high level Dubai  and other Emirates enjoy.


We wish all the success in our future endeavor to fulfill the dream of granting this popular Arabic game its international status.


Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Chairman of Dubai Camel Racing Club

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